Power Consulting has been applying the analytical tools of Natural Resource Economics and Regional Economics to public policy issues for almost 40 years. Thomas Michael Power, the founder and principal economist, was initially drawn into these fields by both the energy “booms” as well as the metal mining and timber industry “busts” that threatened to disrupt many communities across the rural America in the 1970s and 1980s.  Water, energy, and environmental issues became intertwined in ways that require new approaches to regulation. Dr. Power, a Professor of Economics at The University of Montana and Chairman of the Economics Department for 30 years, focuses his research and publications on these issues. As a result of requests for the application of his expertise to site specific problems, a consulting service, Power Consulting, was established.

When Thomas’ son, Donovan, graduated from the University of Washington with a Masters degree in Geology a natural cooperation sprung out of the two collaborating on a couple of projects. Since then, Power Consulting has been a two man show (although sometimes much larger) and the dynamic father son combo has been making science work for them in their arguments since 2009. Like a classic father son super hero comic, the two together are unstoppable!

Power Consulting has stayed focused on Natural Resource Economics and the intersection between natural resources and regional economic vitality. We focus on energy, mineral, water, land, and environmental resources, their efficient use, and the ways their use affects local economic vitality and well being.

We have assisted a broad range of NGOs, government agencies, and businesses in dealing with natural resource and economic development issues.