Power Consulting heading into 2018

My father and I have worked on some very interesting projects in 2017. From fighting coal mine leases in Colorado and Montana to Colstrip 1 & 2’s retirement, we have stayed busy. In the recent past we helped the City of Missoula purchase its municipal water system, we helped a tribe in Idaho apply for Class I air shed designation, and we have continually warned of the economic impact of climate change in the Pacific Northwest with a specific focus on Montana. This broad spectrum keeps us on our toes as well as allowing us to learn on every project so that we stay completely engaged in our work.

We don’t know where 2018 will take us, but we are excited for the opportunity to do quality environmental science based work with some sort of economic angle. The climate is getting warmer and industry is looking to exploit every opportunity that they can before their window closes. We look forward to working on the front lines once again as we help to make the world a more sustainable place. As passionate life long skiers we have a vested interest in putting our science and expertise into action so that we can continue to ski the mountains of Montana that we love. We are passionately fighting so that we all can continue to have a high quality of life in the mountains. If you don’t live in the mountains, that’s ok, you can come and visit us and see what we are so excited about.


Donovan Power