Power Consulting in 2019

In 2019 we have been working on the Northwestern Energy rate case advocating for low income people in Montana, opposing the Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay Alaska, helping the Northern Plains Resource Council look at the possible impacts of the cleanup of Colstrip, and trying to get out into nature as much as we can. Donovan was recently married to Kelly Fullerton and their dog Taco has been a happy addition to the daily Power Consulting routine. You could say that life has been good for Power Consulting. We work daily on interesting science/economic related issues. Whether we are advocating for low income people in Montana to get a fair shake with Northwestern Energy with respect to the rate structure and their power bills or we are trying to present a fair view, that includes the potential costs of mining and not just the benefits, of the potential for a Gold mine in one of the most productive fisheries in Alaska, we have been keeping busy.

We show up to work every day excited to try and make the world use science to view the economic impacts of different large scale projects. Generally that means looking at the costs as well as the benefits of different mining projects or power plants in and around the U.S. We generally work for the “little guy” to make sure that their home is not trampled upon or that everyone is at least aware of the potential costs and benefits of the proposed project. The “bounty of nature” rarely is only positive and all too often the local communities that will see the benefits of a project also are left with the reality of the cleanup of that project.

If there is a mine proposed in your back yard, and the impact analysis appears to have been written by the mining company, and the DEIS only seems to see the benefits and none of the costs, then you should send us an email and we would be happy to see if we can help.

Cheers! IMG950874